​​​​​for Moraga Town Council 2016

Kymberleigh Korpus

  • Enabling Moraga residents to measure the performance of their local government through the collection and annual reporting of Key Performance Indicator metrics;
  • Collaborating with the top-notch schools that are such valued members of our community (Moraga School District, Acalanes School District, and St. Mary's College) to ensure the continuation of our close partnerships with those institutions and maximize their involvement in our community and youth programs.
  • Adopting only balanced Town budgets;
  • Reviewing the Moraga Center Specific Plan ("MCSP") to determine whether any revisions to it are necessary to improve its compliance with the Moraga General Plan, and doing so before adopting the ordinances necessary for formal implementation of the MCSP;
  • Improving the Development Plan Approval ​Process for planned development projects to ensure new developments comply with the Town's General Plan, ordinances, and guidelines;

I Also Think These Could Be Some Great Ideas for Moraga...

  • Avoiding development pitfalls, including loss of the semi-rural look and feel of the Town, overcrowded schools, unacceptable levels of traffic congestion, and delayed and/or overburdened emergency services;
  • Protecting Moraga's scenic corridors, hillsides, ridgelines, and vistas from over development;
  • Exploring options to reduce the expense and bureaucratic delays experienced by Moraga residents trying to obtain permits required for small remodel and repair/replace projects;

Kymberleigh's Priorities

  • Installing full-color security cameras at all entry points for Moraga to help our local police track cars entering Moraga (when necessary) and promote an increased sense of security for all Moragans.
  • Developing a practical solution for the Town to provide free wi-fi access in all public parks so residents can stay technologically connected and always have reliable means of making emergency communications.
  • Finalize the Hacienda Inn and Restaurant Concept Drawings (without much additional expense, if any) so we can find out whether the aspirational vision for a public/private partnership that has already been developed inspires any workable ideas by private investors.  ​

If Elected, I Will Prioritize the Following...

  • Efficiently using Measure K monies for road and storm drain repairs, and identifying additional resources to fund the $26 Million in repairs needed for our storm drain system;
  • Devising means by which the Town can begin funding reserve accounts annually again for the purpose of addressing its asset replacement, infrastructure, and open space acquisition needs in the future.
  • Developing a financially self-sufficient recreational sports program in Town for teens and adults that would have both social and health benefits.
  • Increasing clarity and transparency of the annual budgets and budgeting process,including as they pertain to the Town's unfunded CalPERS liabilities and capital improvement projects; and
  • Improving public involvement in the governance of the Town by:
         - consulting with residents on                         important issues;
         - encouraging greater clarity and                   transparency in local agency decision         making processes; and 
         - exploring options for revising the               Town's public meeting format so as to         provide  greater opportunities for the         public to have meaningful input                   into the Town's decisions;