​​​​​for Moraga Town Council 2016

Kymberleigh Korpus

"As a Moraga Planning Commissioner this year, I’ve helped evaluate

a number of controversial development projects.  The experience has

been fulfilling and enlightening. I now want to act as a Town Council

Member to help ensure development applications are not merely

“rubber stamped,” but meticulously evaluated so every planning

decision faithfully upholds Moraga's ordinances and guidelines, and

also preserves the semi- rural feel of the Moraga I grew up in.

I believe Moraga must avoid the pitfalls flowing from overdevelopment, including unlivable traffic congestion, crowded schools, and over-burdened public safety services. I support private property rights, but also believe we must balance developers’ rights with the need to safeguard the Moraga scenic corridors and vistas so essential to the high property values and quality of life all Moragans enjoy.  That's why I support reasonable development restrictions on ridgelines, hillsides, and other open spaces.

I’m very concerned about our failing infrastructure (illustrated by the recent sinkhole).  Though Measure K was a good first step, we must be increasingly proactive to fully and efficiently address this issue.   I'm a fiscal conservative, and support balanced budgets and careful allocation of resources to benefit all Moragans, including children, seniors, and businesses.

As an attorney, I’m extremely thorough in my research, and I consider all relevant facts and alternatives before making decisions.  I’m committed to understanding your values and goals, and using my skills to help Moraga successfully navigate its land-use, fiscal, and infrastructure challenges.

I would be honored to have your vote."

Kymberleigh Korpus

Official Candidate Statement [Ballot]