​​​​​for Moraga Town Council 2016

Kymberleigh Korpus

Wife / Mother      

About Kymberleigh

Kymberleigh has been happily married to her sweetheart Todd since 1996. Their biggest project: raising their 3 active boys to be happy, healthy, loving and responsible men that know how to think for themselves.

summer 2001, I accepted an offer to go to work for the patent litigation group of a big New York law firm (Weil, Gotshal & Manges) in their Redwood Shores office, and the hunt for our next house began.  Again, we considered moving to Moraga, but ended up opting for a home in the Hayward Hills instead--for commute reasons.

          In 2005, we finally had our first child (Jared). We were fortunate enough to be able to have my husband stay at home with our son.  After an eight month maternity leave, I returned to work at Weil Gotshal, but things were never the same there for me.  I left Weil Gotshal in January 2007, and started up my own firm (The Law Office of Kymberleigh N. Korpus), which I operate out of my home and through which I provide big-law-firm business, real estate, and intellectual property litigation services to other law firms.  In 2008, we were thrilled to welcome a set of twin boys to the family (Benjamin and Tyler), also referred to occasionally as the twin "forces of destruction". However, we were unhappy with the crime rate in Hayward, and unimpressed with the schools.  In early 2011, we decided to make the move out of Hayward, and I FINALLY succeeded in bringing my family home to Moraga.  We even bought a house where my children can look out their windows in the morning and see cows on golden hills!  We have been thrilled with the decision to came back here--even more so since we managed to move the rest of my family into a house down the street. We've been keeping our heads down since 2011, focusing on working my business, working on the house, and working with the kids.  Last year I also started dabbling in a small business dedicated to baking and selling my Grandmother's amazing fruit cake.  

          Then, earlier this year I sought, and was given, an appointment to the Moraga Planning Commission.  What a tremendous experience that has been!  I've been digging in, learning about land-use law and policy, and doing what I can to do the best job I can as a Planning Commissioner. However, my experience as a Planning Commissioner has also led me to the conclusion that we need to engage in a thorough review of our decision making processes here in Moraga--to make sure that we are conscientiously abiding by the principles that will best serve our Town and ourselves.  And so, I decided to run for Town Council so I could put my skills and knowledge to work for this place that I love so much.

          My family moved to Moraga during the summer of 1980, right before I started 6th Grade.  We moved here so my sister and I could benefit from the same great schools and safe neighborhoods that have drawn many other families to this Town. While living in Moraga, I attended both Joaquin Moraga and Campolindo High School, got a great education, made great friends and memories, played volleyball for a championship team, and learned to baby-sit, drive, love cows, and make and serve breakfast the "Nation's" way.  I moved to San Diego to go to college in the spring of 1988, but not before Moraga had made an indelible impression upon me.  When I left, I wondered if I would ever make it back home.  After I left, I would fondly describe my home town (to all that would listen) as a small, out-of-the-way town that was safe and quiet, and surrounded by cows living on golden hills. 

          I attended UC San Diego for a while, but ended up taking a hiatus to earn money, and live life.  In the early nineties, I headed back to school with the intention of pursuing a long-held dream of becoming a lawyer, at which point I met the love of my life, Todd Korpus.  We married in 1996, and while I attended UC Berkeley, we started looking for our first home.  Moraga was too far out of the way for Todd at the time, so we ended up buying in Concord.  I graduated from UC Berkeley in December 1997, and started Law School at UC Hastings College of the Law in the Fall of 1998.  I served on the Hastings Law Review during my second and third years of Law School, including as a Production Editor my last year.  I graduated from Hastings (magna cum laude) in May, 2001 with a Litigation Concentration, and ranked No. 12 in my class.  In 

Kymberleigh has an active legal practice as a business, real estate, and intellectual property litigation attorney. She graduated from U.C. Hastings College of the Law in 2001, magna cum laude.

-​B.A., Poli Sci, U.C. Berkeley (1997)

-Campolindo High School  (1987)