​​​​​for Moraga Town Council 2016

Kymberleigh Korpus

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  • November 6th (2-3 pm) - Town Hall w/ Kymberleigh 
    Location: Moraga Royale, 1600 Canyon Rd, Moraga

    ​This event is open to the public.  Questions may be submitted in advance to info@korpusformoraga.com.

I grew up in Moraga, and I deeply love this safe, serene, and beautiful town. I fulfilled a decades-long goal when I returned to Moraga with my family in 2011, but now I want to do more.  I am a skilled attorney, negotiator, investigator, and advocate, and I'm dedicated to using these skills to help ensure the Town diligently protects the scenic beauty of semi-rural Moraga while making sound, transparent, and fiscally responsible decisions that: (i) uphold local ordinances and guidelines, (ii) support the local economy, (iii) reflect the priorities and concerns expressed by the community, (iv) put the interests of Moraga residents ahead of political expediency, and (v) consider the long-term impacts of decisions before taking action. I'm about doing what's right for Moraga - even when its tough or uncomfortable to do so. These principles have guided my work as a Moraga Planning Commissioner, as they will continue to guide me as your Town Councilmember.  Please explore my website for more information about my background and goals, and consider supporting me with your vote on November 8, 2016.

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